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  So five years ago I met Nick on Xbox. And since then we haven’t stopped talking. He’s literally the highlight of my life these past five years, I grew up with him. He’s my other half, I would collapse into myself without him.

  December 27th he flew to Utah from Texas, it was the first time we met. I was so nervous at the airport, omg. Then I saw him walking, and I bolted at him and it was the greatest hug in the history of my existence. We were both shaking though, it didn’t feel real. It was just a dream, I swear. He smelt perfect and ugh. We ended up sitting at the airport for forever, but eh. When we got to the hotel, we were teasing each other by putting out faces super close and touching our lips but not kissing, sdfsdfjsd. But after five years of waiting and craving I couldn’t help it anymore. ^^ Our first kiss was perfect, it was like our lips were made for each other. (He was so excited/nervous his mouth was shaking. And my face was on fire omg.) After that we cuddled for the fist time and he fell asleep on my chest, holding my hand. I tried to pull my hand away at one point, but it was locked while he was sleeping. The moment was too perfect. 

   He was here for 10 days, none of them felt real. Sometimes we’d look at each other and start freaking out because we didn’t believe we were actually together. Like one time, we went to see The Hobbit, and we had the arm rests up, Nick was laying on my chest and I was holding him. I started bawling in the theater, because he was actually in my arms, and I loved him so much. I wanted to take away everything he’s ever been through. I wanted to hold him tighter. I pulled him up and hugged him and cried. He squeezed me tight, wiped my tears then kissed me. I love him.

   We shared our food and drinks, it may seem like nothing to others, but that was so special to me. >.< We were actually a real couple, for the first time in five years. Asldkfjsfd. We held hands. When guys would come near us in public he’d put his arms around me. X3 He was so protective, it was sweet. We watched out favorite anime at the hotel. (Blood+) We shared a million amazing kisses. We scratched each others backs at night. Gah.

  One night was particularly one of my favorites. We were lying down watching Spirited Away. We weren’t really watching it, we were facing each other, holding hands and staring into each others eyes. Anyways, he took off my ring that he bought me a year or so ago, and he asked me if I wanted to be with him forever. Then he put it back on, held my hand, and kissed me. We laid there with our lips locked for 10 minutes. Adlkfjasfdsfe. It was perfect.

  Let’s see.. A lot happened in those 10 days. As seen from above ^, I bought us both Eskimo hats. (It’s freezing in Utah) And we went to the roller blading rink and skated. ^^ 

    We bought matching clothes, and went shopping a lot at the mall. We saw a few movies.. We went to the zoo at night, it was covered in lights but fucking freezing. Hm.. He gave me his old iPod, which had all the music we used to listen to together years back. He bought me all these stuffed animals, this huge dog one I love and cuddle every night. Oh, and he bought me this gorgeous bracelet from Pandora. It has our initials on it.. We’re adding our birthstones and zodiac next time we’re together.

   When we were in the car we’d listen to our playlist and all the songs we used to say belonged to us. It was a lot of Architects, SKSK, Dance Gavin Dance. We’d hold hands and sing, and smile at each other. Or if we weren’t driving, he’d lay on me and I’d cry sdlkfjsdfjsl.

  There’s this store at the mall full of Japanese artifacts. (Knives, swords, statues, decorations, etc.) And the owner kept calling me beautiful, telling Nick how lucky he is. He was a sweet Chinese guy. He was really into our relationship and thought we were the cutest thing ever. We bought a set of swords, and he gave us a discount. ^^ Nick and I decided when we get our place we’re going there to buy all our decorations there, and to visit him. Um..

    The night before we left, I slept at the hotel with him. The night was a blur. We were wearing our matching Architects tanks though. And I remember it was really hot. In the morning he was exhausted, so the entire drive to the airport he slept on me in the car. I was wide awake, crying, and trying to take in the last moments we had. When we were inside the airport I was trying not to cry. Then we were walking towards where we said goodbye and I started bawling. He didn’t cry. He didn’t really speak. I hugged him and bawled, eventually I had to walk away, and he was gone. And it was hard to believe. 

   When he got home he called me, and we cried for hours. It’s hard letting go after something so perfect. I kept thinking he was just at the hotel, and I was tempted to drive over there and hug it all better. But no. Nothing.

  I’ll right more later maybe. I wish I could remember more. 

Re-blogging the first time we met because I miss it. I’ll make on of these for our second visit. 


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